What We Offer

A sample representation of our capabilities includes:

– Utilization Management and Revenue Enhancement
– Using identified clinical and financial indicators, DSE Associates collaborate with senior leadership, case management, nursing and the entire healthcare team to build efficient processes to streamline systems and innovate. We aid in identifying short and long-term opportunities for progressive growth and outcomes clinically and financially, assuring processes are compliant with all commercial and government insurance providers. DSE ensures all participants – administration, nursing, medical staff, patients, finance, managed care providers and vendors are involved in the process.

DSE incorporates the organization?s mission and vision, creating goals that align strategically with processes to minimize revenue loss, assuring the risks are clearly identified. Our experience with health systems nationally allows us to be sensitive to the culture of the organization and the unique needs of the community. We have transformed evidenced based methodologies and practical experience into measurable, and sustainable programs and key performance indicators that deliver specific outcomes for our clients. Our team approach empowers the entire healthcare system as part of the solution.

We enjoy the opportunity to realize significant enhancements through the modification of tasks and various methodologies.


We were concerned

We were concerned when we heard another set of consultants were coming in. Our previous experience wasn’t positive. But you have been great. You showed us respect for what we have done well and worked beside us to help us improve. It has been a good experience

The functions of utilization review

The functions of utilization review, discharge planning and social work did not exist.” Once developed, Donna “identified opportunities to improve the cohesiveness and communication” among case management team members.

Stephanie Demonstrates

Stephanie demonstrates “expertise in the functions of case management including patient throughput, utilization management, denial and appeals activity, social services and discharge planning”. She “not only mentored employees but actively modeled interventions


Donna “assisted our organization in restructuring to a contemporary case management model…and we are a stronger department because of her varied expertise in all the facets of case management

Your passion and expertise

Your passion and expertise (and you use each of your diverse talents wisely) is seen in everything you do

This has been probably

This has been probably the best experience I have ever had with consultants. You have worked with the leadership, alongside of the staff and behind the scenes to bring many of the goals we all agreed to early in the consultation to fruition. I know I could have never made progress as quickly or as efficiently without your guidance. I am grateful to have you alongside me in a total rebuilding and re-engineering of this department.

I often think of DSE and the results realized for our organization

I often think of DSE and the results realized for our organization. The turnaround led was nothing less than amazing. The leadership style was perfect and resulted in a department that finally had organization, direction, and measured results. At the same time you were able to hand-off the department to the new director at the highest level of employee engagement ever!”
Martin Everhart, Vice President – Human Resources, Robert Wood Johnson Health System