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Case Management Solutions

At peak performance, case management professionals are care-agents for healthcare organizations in assuring appropriate care management, care coordination and transitional care service are in place. Case management acts communicates and collaborates uniquely with the entire healthcare team and associated parties to validate medical necessity, monitor length of stay, prevent denials and reduce unnecessary hospital re-admissions.

In concert, case management acts as an advocate for patients, monitoring timely delivery of healthcare and throughput from the hospital to the post-acute setting. DSE Associates offers strategies to help healthcare organizations succeed clinically, socially, financial and regulatory.

Sometimes solving one problem creates another, with ripples throughout the system. When the ripples become waves, it is time to take a close look at the whole system.

  1. Is case management functioning efficiently and effectively?
  2. Are interdepartmental relationships helping accomplish goals and meet regulatory requirements?
  3. Does the hospital’s financial reports and case management dashboard indicate positive outcomes?

The answers to these questions may indicate a need to take an in-depth look at case management, from evaluation to model design. DSE Associates provide comprehensive systematic assessments, resulting in recommendations (and implementation) of plans which identify the areas of concentration to assure best outcomes and performance in the following areas:

  • Reporting structure
  • Leadership development
  • Clinical criteria selection and use
  • Department structure — centralized or decentralized, unit specific, service based, combined model
  • Staffing and roles by discipline
  • Staff orientation/mentoring/evaluation
  • Hours of operation
  • Department functions/workflow process
  • Utilization management committee development and the physician advisor role
  • Interdepartmental relationships
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Denials management
  • Recovery audit preparedness
  • Outcome measurement and management
  • Orientation of key stakeholders
  • Tool development and systems
  • Interim management solutions
  • Case Management information systems recommendations
  • Patient center medical home model development

DSE’s consultants work beside our clients from administration, finance, case management and the healthcare team to all external providers to assure the implementation goes smoothly, with results achieved that are the best practice solutions.

IMG_1428 (1)Transitional Care Management and Throughput

Transitional Care Management considers a patient’s medical, physical, cognitive, economic and emotional capabilities as well as their available support system in preparation for discharge from the hospital. In an effort to manage care effective, healthcare organizations must seamlessly manage their clinical course of care and transition from the hospital to the community. Payer requirements and CMS beneficiary rules, along with incentive programs allow for healthcare organizations to improve processes for proper care management.

To improve clinical and operational effectiveness, DSE Associates assist providers in reducing clinical variation and optimizing length of stay; while enhancing patient flow and maximizing clinical capacity from the outpatient setting, to the emergency room, the inpatient setting, the community. DSE evaluates clinical care coordination and collaboration, quality, desired outcomes, structure and medical management processes that will lead to solutions that improve patient flow, minimize unnecessary re-admissions/ER visits and allow organizations to consider new opportunities.

Service Offerings:

  • Clinical and operational effectiveness
  • Post-discharge care management services
  • Resource management
  • Outpatient care management – patient centered medical home models
  • Population health management methodologies

Professional Development

DSE Associates offer hospitals and healthcare providers the capabilities to successfully address many challenges which impacts the performance of leaders and their employees to serve larger organizational needs. Sensitivity is key to empowering, transforming supporting new and existing leaders and employees in case management in reaching their professional goals beyond what is expected. DSE has comprehensive knowledge of best practices, combined with real-world clinical and professional expertise to determine opportunities to establish long-term results and innovate. We work closely with our clients to uniquely develop a variety of powerful, proprietary management tools and alternative solutions that become an essential part of hospital and case management operations.

Service Offerings

  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring (cm director, manager, physician advisor)
  • Change management and team building
  • Staffing solutions
  • Education and training

The Results

  • Proper alignment of the case management with the healthcare team to address status management, pre-post admission – all procedures, care coordination and throughput.
  • Application of clinical criteria to assure medical necessity and decrease denials and enhance quality of care for their patient population.
  • Reduced monthly write-offs and lost revenue
  • Increased efficiencies and optimal length of stay
  • Improved medical/healthcare staff communication and collaboration
  • Developing a clinical documentation program to assure proper placements of patients
  • Educating physicians and the entire healthcare team on medical necessity documentation for outpatient/observation placements and inpatient admissions
  • Assuring regulatory compliance of the entire healthcare team to include specific Centers for Medicare and Medical Service regulations.
    We change outcomes by building strong relationships!

Our Clients

DSE Associates has provided service to leading hospitals and healthcare systems across the United States. Our clients have valued our expertise and the ability to transform their utilization, case management and transition/care coordination programs.


We were concerned

We were concerned when we heard another set of consultants were coming in. Our previous experience wasn’t positive. But you have been great. You showed us respect for what we have done well and worked beside us to help us improve. It has been a good experience

The functions of utilization review

The functions of utilization review, discharge planning and social work did not exist.” Once developed, Donna “identified opportunities to improve the cohesiveness and communication” among case management team members.

Stephanie Demonstrates

Stephanie demonstrates “expertise in the functions of case management including patient throughput, utilization management, denial and appeals activity, social services and discharge planning”. She “not only mentored employees but actively modeled interventions


Donna “assisted our organization in restructuring to a contemporary case management model…and we are a stronger department because of her varied expertise in all the facets of case management

Your passion and expertise

Your passion and expertise (and you use each of your diverse talents wisely) is seen in everything you do

This has been probably

This has been probably the best experience I have ever had with consultants. You have worked with the leadership, alongside of the staff and behind the scenes to bring many of the goals we all agreed to early in the consultation to fruition. I know I could have never made progress as quickly or as efficiently without your guidance. I am grateful to have you alongside me in a total rebuilding and re-engineering of this department.

I often think of DSE and the results realized for our organization

I often think of DSE and the results realized for our organization. The turnaround led was nothing less than amazing. The leadership style was perfect and resulted in a department that finally had organization, direction, and measured results. At the same time you were able to hand-off the department to the new director at the highest level of employee engagement ever!”
Martin Everhart, Vice President – Human Resources, Robert Wood Johnson Health System