DSE ASSOCIATES is the premier healthcare case management consulting firm committed to the design and creation of effective, efficient case management practices which assure regulatory compliance and translate to real dollars to your bottom line.


Keen FOCUS on case management supervision services at the intersection of provisions to patients and the healthcare system clinically, socially and financially.

The DEPTH our experience in case management allows us to provide creative solutions with little “prep time”.

RESPECT – recognizing that every institution is exceptional customizing solutions, assuring consistency starting with a vision, building solutions on the existing strengths of staff and setting.

PEOPLE POWER – we focused on developing people and a goal-directed collaborative practice, understanding that people must work together for even the smallest objectives to succeed.

SUSTAINABILITY – we look for the simple solutions that can be easily sustained, remaining available until the outcomes desired demonstrate that it’s the right solution.

RESULTS – quality of care, compliant practices, functional processes and enhanced revenue. Ask our clients – we are happy to share references.


The partners of DSE Associates share the core values of excellence, honesty, integrity, diligence, and contribution to the healthcare community. DSE has a values-based approach, assuring the right things are done for the advancement of health systems, realized through the collaborative design of a sound case management practice. In healthcare, case management principles co-exist with the clinical, financial, social and regulatory aspects which spans the healthcare environment—present and future. Therefore, assists in securing the financial health of the organization.

Although many people may have good ideals or intentions of the heart, DSE’s responsibility is to develop and nurture while strengthening what they know; teaching them how to do it better and more efficiently while having a positive and measurable impact on the bottom line.



Our Statement

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